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We would like to present IN POLAND – a portal dedicated to those who consider Poland as an investment destination but also to support foreign lawyers who want to advise clients on issues related to investing in Poland. IN POLAND is a set of the most important guidelines on setting up and running a business in Poland, as well as on choosing the right capital investment method or dispute resolution solution. 

In terms of prospective investments, Poland is often indicated as one of the most attractive European countries for foreign investors. It has one of the most rapidly developing economies in Europe and also has a population of 38.5 million people, which constitutes a large potential  market. Years of reforms have ensured stability and relative resistance to economic crises. Within the last decade Poland has attracted almost 3% (non-EU) direct investment inflow to the European Union.

We invite you to use this portal, the aim of which is to make you acquainted with certain Polish legal solutions. Such knowledge is essential for a potential investor, planning on running a business in Poland.

The editor of IN POLAND is the Kubas Kos Gałkowski law firm, which provides comprehensive legal services and investor support to foreign companies from Europe, North America or Asia starting or intending to start operations in Poland to minimise business obstacles and maximise profits.

The study presented in this portal is solely of an educational nature and due to its general character, must not be used in making detailed investment, litigation or any other legal decisions. Each decision, and thus the choice of the best legal solutions, depends on the individual situation of the Investor and must be preceded by in-depth research and preparations. Kubas Kos Gałkowski holds no liability for actions engaged in (or actions refrained from) on the basis of the information presented in this portal. Appropriate legal opinions can be obtained from a professional law firm.